Welcome to Glitch Garden, a tower defense game inspired by Plants vs. Zombies. On your side, cacti, gnomes, and more... And coming at you is a relentless animal army of lizard bureaucrats, wily foxes, and clunky crabs. Can you survive? Try this simple HTML5 game and see!

This is an early test of game development and design. All thoughts, comments, and feedback are welcome! Thank you for playing.

Thanks: Glitch Garden only came into being through the tremendous Unity course on Udemy, taught by the glorious Ben Tristem and Brice Fernandes, using gorgeous, free assets from Glitch the Game and the Tiny Speck team, makers of Slack. There are some incredible teachers and creators on this planet, and I'm thankful to have learned and benefited from them.


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Awesome job! Going to show this to my students as an example!

Wonderful to hear! What type of class do you teach? It's definitely not perfect, so please do share any thoughts or feedback.

I teach Game Programming & Design. They will be making a Tower Defense game. You can see their portfolio on my profile