You arrive at the hospital to find your estranged father in a coma. He's asked you to decide whether he should live or whether you should pull the plug. If you don't decide today, he invokes his new right to euthanasia.

Speak with your brother, explore the nature of your family relationships, recall your challenging history with your father, and finally, make one of the hardest decisions of your life.

Play the new choice-based narrative game by Beroshi Studios. Please note: this is a game intended for mature players, and although the game content is primarily in text form, players may find some scenes rough.

Incredible thanks to the team at Inkle Studios, whose narrative scripting language, ink, and whose demo game, The Intercept, were the single most important tools in bringing Pulling the Plug to life. Read more about Inkle and their visionary work here.


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nice game tho